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Listing Your Home? Choose a remarkable experience

Listing Your Home? Choose a remarkable experience

Real Estate Agents are becoming commodities.  However,   Real Estate Professionals that can provide a remarkable experience, are in high demand.    Choose Wisely.
In the Sell process,  focus on ensuring that your personal objectives are aligned with your Real Estate Agents service offering.  
How does the professional create the conditions for your success?   Are they focused on your objectives?


A few questions below should help identify at trusted professional.  

So here goes…
  • Dedication to a lifetime of learning, within the Real estate industry? 
  • % of income from Real Estate transactions?  Vs other sources
  • Is there a strategy for how to negotiate and work with the people on the opposite side of the transaction.  (I’ve found this so important)
  • What’re the Agents thoughts on Multiple Representation 

&   for Extra Credit….Breaking the skill set down a bit further.

  • The Marketing Plan! Do they have one?   Your hiring a marketing firm.
  • Need to confirm the local and international strategy.
  • Testimonials   —Can you call their past clients?
  • Commissions & commission splits.   What are they planning to  offer the co-operating agent?
  • Does the agent have a quantitative strategy to evaluate your homes
  • Open houses.  We could do a whole blog on this one.   However, besides using your home as an executive office to attract and generate leads for themselves….Whats the professional’s open house strategy?
  • Following with confirmed home visits?  Is it just a weak email that no one responds to?
  • Home Deposit amount?  Whats their thoughts?
  • What partners can your realtor bring to bear…and are they part of a professional network?  Stagers, Photographer Lawyers, movers, Mortgage professionals.
  • Brokerage Relationship.  How Does the Realtor leverage the company?
  • Does the agent place their personal mobile number on all listing material including the MLS?
  • The Agents strategy on communication and keeping you informed every day
In my experience, I’ve found that you can significantly reduce your stress level while increasing the cash in your bank account, –If you choose the right Real Estate Agent.


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